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Very cheap and cool DIY Bandsaw

Very cheap and cool DIY Bandsaw

8' Bandsaw homemade. Free plans. Саморобна стрічкова пилка.

My homemade bandsaw additions(blade guides, motor).

Making Wooden Blinds Part 3

Wooden blinds are just so expensive to buy. Making your own wooden window blinds is a great alternative for any handy DIYer.

Making Wooden Blinds Part 2

Planing the parts to thickness, shaping the slats and cutting them to length. I also get started on making the knuckles that link the slats to the control ro.

Router Jig for Wooden Blinds making - Woodworking on Handmade Channel

To do my next woodworking project - I needed a jig to cut slots for kinda wooden blinds. this is how it turned out --------------------------------------.

Простой кондуктор для ЖАЛЮЗИ

Простой кондуктор для ЖАЛЮЗИ