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two pictures of the same kitchen and living room in one photo, there is a woman sitting at the bar
Jamison Architects Have Designed A Contemporary Duplex With Concealed Garages And An Open Plan Interior
a white bathroom with a wooden stool next to the bathtub and shower head on the wall
A 'Blank Canvas' House By The Beach
Minimial bath space open shower, Planned Living Architects, Photo by Derek Swalwell
the baby is wearing a pilot's hat and goggles while holding his mother
Are you ready for this? Here's Amelia in her Amelia Earhart costume: Stinkin' adorable, right? My husband and I had so m... #pilotuniform
two coffee cups with saucers in front of a drawing of an airplane on the wall
Pilot fuel. #aviationhumor #mondaymotivation #pilotfuel #pilotlife #pilothumor #flyingisahabit