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Candied Lemon Slices

Candied Lemon Garnish recipe, also with a chocolate-dipped variation. Maybe put it with the lemon cookies? (Pinned elsewhere on Dessert board.

In alchemy, the combination of the fire and water symbols (up and down triangles) is known as the Seal of Solomon. The symbol is representative of the combination of opposites and transmutation. By combining the alchemical symbols for fire (upwards triangle) and water (downwards triangle), the alchemical symbols for earth and air are also created. The downwards facing triangle is divided along the center by the base line of the opposite triangle. This is the alchemical symbol for earth…

Hermetic Philosophy The phrase surrounding the oroboros in the above image is ‘Quod Superius Macroprosopus, Quod Inferius Microprosopus.’ It is equivalent to the Latin phrase ‘Quod superius sicut quot inferius’ which means ‘As above, so below.

Christmas morning!!! Champagne Ice Cubes for Orange Juice! Genius!

Morning of the Wedding- Champagne ice cubes for orange juice in the morning. A twist on MIMOSAS. I think I would like this twist more if it was the other way around- orange juice ice cubes for champagne in the morning =)

Mezcal Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita  Recipe -

Mezcalita de Pina INGREDIENTS 1 pineapple, peeled, cored, and cut into slices 1 jalapeño, sliced ¼ cup cilantro leaves 1 ½ cups mezcal ¾ cup fresh lime juice ½ cup agave syrup

Matcharita | This is a twist on the Margarita and uses Japanese matcha tea for a modern feel. The finely milled green tea brings a touch of Zen to the cocktail ceremony. |

Matcharita cocktail recipe - a twist on the much-loved Margarita this cocktail uses Japanese matcha tea for a modern feel. By Tom Sandham