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LEGO Mini Dragons - Building Instructions

Build some LEGO Mini Dragons – instructions below! We’ve got a couple of fire breathing dragons and then a lizard type dragon. Cute and fierce! After you finish them, build a whole scene with a dragon lair and knights on a quest to seek the treasure –

LEGO Spiders Building Instructions

Here are some building instructions for making creepy and crawly LEGO spiders! While spiders are far from my favorite creatures, the boys love them. These spiders were created by Aidan (age and Owen (age with a few adjustments by me. In the instr

How would anyone not love Leo??? Rick should match him up with Hazel they'd be perfect!!!

How would anyone not love Leo? Rick should match him up with Hazel they'd be perfect!<------HOW CAN ANYONE NOT BE TEAM LEO? The little mortles just don't make sence to me at all

This fandom has a big imagination

This fandom has a big imagination<<<<< Is this based on that time Rick asked a bunch of children who they wanted their godly parent to be and one of them said batman?

No we really never will get over it to be honest

Don't expect us to forget these kinds of things especially after the disappointing movies we got. but never forget.we still want your blood for that, Rick Riordan.