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an architectural drawing of a building with statues on it
[Palais cercle des Beaux-Arts] Deglane, Henri-Adolphe- Auguste 1881 Dessin scolaire d’architecture
an architectural drawing of a building with a tall tower in the middle of it's roof
By Barbara Chung Section of Mortuary Bathhouse 2012 33.1″ x 46.8″ Sketch Up, CAD, and pencil on paper + Photoshop; printed on 200gsm paper
a drawing of a man in a suit and sunglasses sitting on top of a chair
Leon by jimin 포트폴리오 - 노트폴리오
Leon - jimin yoon
two hands holding a tree with leaves on the ground
Surrealism: We write the earth we stand upon.
an empty church with rows of pews
Diploma 3 - Charles Lai
AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2011 - Diploma 3 - Charles Lai