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Japanese Soaking Tub | Japanese deep soaking tub I need a bathtub like this

The biggest difference between Japanese tubs and American tubs is that the Japanese tub itself is heated so the water stays warm longer. Why bother taking a bath if the water is cold before you're done soaking those tired muscles?

Cleanse, Rejuvenate & Heal Your Mind & Body Ofuro Soaking Tubs have been used by the Japanese for centuries to alleviate both physical and spiritual maladies. Western and European cultures view bathing as a way to clean the body, but the Japanese see bathing or soaking in hot water as more of a spiritual ritual that cleanses, rejuvenates and heals the mind, body and spirit. This ancient technique of total immersion in hot water takes away tension, stress, soothes muscular pains and…

Small ofuro (traditional style Japanese bath), is painstakingly crafted from some of the finest, hand selected woods available. While traditionally the wood of choice is hinoki, also known as port orford cedar, an ofuro can be crafted of other materials.