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a drawing of a sewing machine with roses
tattoo old school
a pair of scissors and combs with flowers on them are drawn in black and white
a card with an image of people standing under a tree
Decoratiune cu licheni pentru invatatoare - COPAC - DE1003
Ornamentul este realizat dintr-o combinatie de lemn imprimata color cu d-na profesor/educatoare si copii accesorizata cu licheni stabilizati si mesaj dedicat. Produsul reprezinta o decoratiune viu colorata, tematica pentru a fi oferit in dar la inceput de an scolar educatoarelor/invatatoarelor.
a pair of scissors with flowers and leaves on the handle are shown in black against a white background
a stethoscope with flowers on it and the letter s in the shape of a heart
a drawing of a doctor's coat with scissors and a rose in the pocket
Fotos De Rose Riva Em Bom Demais! DF6
a doctor's bag with medical supplies on the table coloring book for kids and adults
Doctor's Tools | Worksheet |
coloring sheets of dr bags | First Grade Kindergarten Life Learning Worksheets: Doctor Coloring ...