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9 Quick and Easy Activities: No prep fun for toddlers

A list of no prep, easy activities using household items. These games & activities hold toddler attention spans for super long and keep little hands busy.

pasta scoop 1

Recently we have been enjoying lots of activities that involve scooping and dumping to help Buddy to develop his spoon control. He has an excellent grasp when using a spoon and he knows e…

15 Activities to Play with Your 9-12 Month Old

15 Activities to Play with Your Month Old Already did the majority of these, and he loves it!

13 activities for my 13 month old

13 activities for my 13 month old

RICE BIN: An easy to prep toddler activity

A simple to set up toddler activity using rice. Toddlers love having a rice bin - easy sensory play that costs little to no money to set up & lasts forever.

See how we made a game out of colour sorting to suit my child's interests. Playing and Learning Begins at Home

Balloon Color Bop~ A fun, easy, way for your child to learn their colors! Every kid L-O-V-E-S balloons! What you need: 2 (or more) baskets the balloons to your number of Baskets Multi-Colored Construction Paper Enjoy!