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Resultado de imagen para gamtav

Homestuck - Gamzee Makara x Tavros Nitram - GamTav <<< love this soo much

Gravity Falls – 5 фотографий

shit like this makes me so fucking mad like what the Fuck bill literally wanted to kill him and his sister since when does he give a shit abt dipper or his wellbeing how do u misinterpret a character so fucking badly <<< WoAH


I just dreamed this silly idea xD I see you guys asking “What about ZeroFalls!Dipper and FightFalls!Kill”, things just happened too fast so I don’t know xDDDDD but I DID draw something… ( ͡° ͜ʖ.

Tano's Art Blog

Yeah as I said UwU~ Dill from Zero Gravity & Kipper from Fight Falls Someone please take me to church for this sin….