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small bags filled with candies on top of a glass table covered in plastic wrap
some flowers that are on top of a white table and one is tied with orange ribbon
three boutonnieres with white flowers on top of a round glass table in front of a window
a bouquet of flowers sitting on top of a table next to a heart shaped card
Jewellery, Lei, Jewelry, Necklace, Lei Necklace
three orange roses are sitting on a glass table with silver circles around it and white flowers in the center
two boutonnieres with white flowers and red ribbon on a round glass table
there are many different colored flowers on the glass table and in the middle is an arrangement of small hearts
four pictures of red and white bouquets on a table with ribbon around the flowers
the bridal bouquet is being held up by someone's hand in front of some trees
four different pictures of flowers and leaves on someone's wrist with their hands in the air
two pictures of flowers being held up by someone's hand
three pictures of different bouquets with ribbons on them
a bunch of flowers that are sitting on a table with the words raluca store handmade by me
two small figurines sitting on top of an orange bowl with white ribbon around it