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"Bad Moon Rising" by AMKs_Photos.

Meow at the Moon!

Moon at night ~ so full of light / deviat art / cat-moon

The spooky tree was the first thing to appear. Everyone agreed it was a bad omen . . .

Next Door Tree Lake Maggiore, Italy. pretty in pink

Quieres jugar

Moon in your splendor, Shine your light on me, Blue moon, half moon, Makes no.

i love this...peaceful, fun, quiet, adventurous, mysterious...just simply beautiful

This image looks un normal a child swinging as high as the moon, the tree looks deformed. It makes you think who is pushing her and having black and white as the only colours of the image.I think makes the image feel spooky

Lil' Black Cat Moon

by Mindaugas [per previous pinner] - Two alternate captions from other pinners: Loneliness - Lil' Black Cat Moon

The cat in the tree  By Tim Burton??

The cat in the tree by Stuffed Kitty on deviantart. Art of the cat illustration.

Raven conversation

Raven Negative Space by Corbeau du Nord: This piece uses the space element of design. All it needs is a set of crosshairs.

Beautiful picture. I love crows. The Incensewoman

In Greek mythology, the god Apollo became enraged when the crow exposed his lover Coronis' tryst with a mortal. His ire transmuted the crow's feathers from white to black.

Swing When You're Lonely by Mr-Ripley - Dark / Gothic Art

Sometimes to bathe in the moon's light we must walk through dark paths. Or the trails of others. / Photo by Brenda Starr.