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a man standing next to a cow in a field
When you realize you left the stove on-Wolverine2029
four different movie titles with the same character in each one's face and text below them
a man with a cross on his face in front of a red and white background
herochan: “ The Wolverine Created by Richard Davies || DA ”
a man kneeling on top of a roof holding an ax in the rain with his hands
Logan - The Wolverine 💛🖤
two men with different facial expressions in front of an orange background and the words logan x - men
logan , mist XG
mist XG
an image of the wolverine and his daughter
Wolverine: Photo #wolverineairsoft #wolverineandthexmen #wolverinedrawing #wolverinevsdarthvader
an autographed photo of a man in black leather clothes with his hand on his hip
Hollywood’s Most Recognizable Costumes including Batman and Superman to go Under the Hammer
a movie poster for the film's title, which features an image of wolverine and his family
Logan (2017) ⭐ 8.1 | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
a man standing next to a brick wall
Korkarlar bir çok kez, cesurlar ise bir kez ölür.⠀ -W. Shakespeare
a man with a beard and no shirt is holding two knives in his hands while standing against a dark background
LOGAN Costume Design, Eve Ventrue
ArtStation - LOGAN Costume Design, Eve Ventrue
the wolverine is standing in front of a black background with his hands on his hips
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
an image of a man with claws on his hands
The Wolverine (The Justin Paul Variant) Follow me for more - / IG: @design_weapons / FB -
an older man with grey hair and beard stares at the camera in a dark room
Hugh Jackman