The JR TOKYO Wide Pass Usage Area

Above, this is the area the JR Kanto Area Pass covers. Map: JR East Railway Co. Suppose you went on vacation to Japan, but didn't pick.

Fukuoka subway map

Alone in Fukuoka ฟูกุโอกะคนเดียว .

Station / Route Map | Rinkai Line

Station / Route Map|Rinkai Line aan de kust hotels

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If you make a trip to Kobe, you may disembark a train at Sannomiya station. Sannomiya is downtown core of Kobe and you may access to many places from this s


Great Discovery from the small stations.Let's start your wonderful trip from Kyoto Arashiyama.


Japan Rail Pass and rail travel in Japan complete guide. Let's use the Japan Rail Pass to its maximum!

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