The Caterpillar Club

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a card with a white heart on it
Shabby floral Birthday card
Love a scrap buster idea
a close up of a flowered wall with pink and white flowers on it's side
Mary’s Garden an original design by Raewyn Stewart
Soft romantic florals in a stained glass window inspired design. This is an original design for The Caterpillar Club
Mary’s Garden - an original rag quilt design by Raewyn Stewart.
a white quilted blanket sitting on top of a chair next to a flower pot
Valentine - Rag Quilt with unique pink Rosette seam
Design by Raewyn Stewart for The Caterpillar Club
an image of a cross made out of crochet on a quilted blanket
Valentine - rag quilt design by Raewyn Stewart
Exclusive design by Raewyn Stewart for The Caterpillar Club
pink and red crocheted flowers on a white blanket with the words valentine written over it
Rag quilt romance - Valentine
Valentine is an exclusive design by Raewyn Stewart. Please follow this page for any upcoming opportunities to learn my unique method. R
a white wicker chair with a green and purple quilt on it's back
Boho Rag Quilt made from Vera Bradley fabrics
I’m a little in love with the beautiful vibrant boho colour palette. Perfectly suited to my newest Rag quilt design, Kaleidoscope
an old red truck with a quilt on it's bed in front of a barn
Christmas rag quilt with Rosette seam
Tutorial created exclusively for The Caterpillar Club. 12 step by step tutorials to amplify your rag quilting skills
the caterpillar club quilts and crochet patterns for baby's blankets
Learn to make Rag Quilts
Using our quick and easy techniques you will learn to make beautiful rag quilts with "one of a kind" details. 12+ tutorials are included in the membership price. This is possibly the best investment you can make in your rag quilt business. #giftsforher #handmade #interiordesign #newborn #bedroomdecor #nurserystyle #nauticalbaby #learning #skills
the caterpillar club is featured in this book, with pictures of sailboats and stars
Rag quilt techniques & online tutorials. EXCLUSIVE patterns & designs
Learn Rag quilt techniques in a supportive online group. 12+ tutorials. How to’s, tips & techniques
the white bedspread has roses on it
Rag quilt Rosette seam & edging