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an outdoor kitchen is built into the side of a house with wood slats covering it
Algunos de mis trabajos personales.
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
Lennox Street House by Corben Architects | HomeAdore
Lennox Street House by Corben Architects
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use in the day time as well
Lennox Street House by Corben Architects | HomeAdore
Lennox Street House by Corben Architects
a woman sitting in a chair using a laptop computer
22 Things That Belong In Every Bookworm's Dream Home
For Logan's room. Not sure if this chair is actually comfortable, but it's pretty nifty!
three different types of chairs with different colors and shapes on the bottom one is blue, green
The Rubik’s Cube of Furniture - Yanko Design
The Ego “smart” chair lets you put your own twist on the design in a simple and fun way! Read more at Yanko Design
four different views of an orange couch -  Resources and Information.
Furniture and Accessories. inspiring Multipurpose Furniture for Small Spaces. Multipurpose Folded Bunk Bed From Convertible Couch With Orange Color and Soft Sheets with Two Cushions for Living Room Idea
four different angles of a shelf with books on it
De esta manera, grandes y pequeños, el diseño de muebles apilados ver estado de shock, pero en realidad estas técnicas de diseño de la prueba del tiempo. El diseñador toca este tipo de prácticas de diseño para prosperar, y para romper la rutina, generalmente lateral, aquí hay una longitudinal, por lo general decreciente, aquí hay un pequeño a grande. Un diseño muy interesante y práctico.
two pictures of different rooms with bunk beds and bookshelves
Home - The Owner-Builder Network
These examples prove that with proper design, a home short on floor space can be functional. You can view more space saving ideas here If you live in a tiny inner city apartment, a granny flat, a small cottage or a house that has more people than space, it is important to use the space as efficiently as possible.