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Military engineering on Trajan's Column: building fort. Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Greece, Roman History, Art History, European Tribes, European History, American History

Trajan's Column

Trajan's Column (108-113 AD), Apollodore di Damascus, bas-reliefs, detail, Trajan's Dacian Wars (101-106 AD) Colonna Traiani, La conquista della Dacia

Traditional houses in rural Romania (case traditionale romanesti) *** Upon arriving in her new home country in the young wife of Prince Carl of Romania noticed in her writings: “Every R… Romania Map, Visit Romania, Romania Travel, Architecture Mapping, Vernacular Architecture, Romanian People, Rural House, Arte Popular, Bucharest

Types of traditional Romanian houses [988x719]

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Faces from the past - decebalus dacia king ancient eastern european people romania Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Ancient Greece, European Tribes, European People, European History, American History

Roman statues of ancient Dacians (geto-dacii) – faces from the past

Thracians – “the second-most numerous people after the Indians”(herodotus, 5th century BC) Getae-Dacians belonged to the big Thracian family from South-Eastern Europe &nbsp…