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Drank - Leah Gotti (@teamgotti)

Drank - Leah Gotti (@teamgotti)

10 minutes at work, & I start using 'Fuck' like a comma!

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Funny Confession Ecard: I'm no psychiatrist but I'm fairly certain you suffer from an overestimated sense of self-importance.

@Alicia Allen

For all those that love to share the drama. Ever thought you have to share it on FB because you know in real life people just don't care to hear you moaning again?

This fits for so many. I love it.

No, I don't like or dislike you.>>Gotta remember this one! Lmao so perfect for some ppl in my life

Hahah we all have that one friend

Free, Confession Ecard: Your posts are so fascinating. How did you learn to say " I want Attention" in so many different ways?

Ha!!!!! :-D

The best thing about being in my is that I did all of my stupid shit before the internet. Lol I am thankful lmfao

You do NOT want to know how hard I'm laughing right now!

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: I miss the age when I thought I would have my shit together by the time I was the age I am now.

this is terrible.....and funny

I'm not saying let's go kill all the stupid people.I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out. OMG Too funny!