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the earrings are made from polymer and have swirly designs on them, along with a card
Paper quilled cat earrings for sale at Castaspella Baguio . Perfect gift for cat lovers or a wonderful addition to your earring collection. Available different colors, just send us a message and we'll be happy to customize it for you. Happy Tuesday! #handmadewithlove #paperquilledcatearrings #paperquilledearrings #castaspellabaguio
red and black paw print earrings on white fabric
Bulldog paws quilled earrings
two black and yellow mickey mouse buttons on top of a piece of white paper next to each other
Quilled Mickey and Minnie - 2013
a wooden frame with paper flowers in it
Tulipanes de filigrana, Quilling tulips
a bunch of cards with flowers on them and some string attached to the back of each card
the cake fairy la is decorated with unicorns and flowers on it's head
Goat pancakes, honey, samosas nuts - Clean Eating Snacks
there is a plastic unicorn head next to a ruler
Este artículo no está disponible | Etsy
the unicorn earrings and necklace are on display next to a card that says, my lovely fairies
Doll animal polymer clay 54 ideas
there are many images of the smurfs being made in different poses and sizes
an orange and white clock with black hands ♬.. Liebes Füchslein, lass dir raten, sei doch nur kein Dieb; nimm, du brauchst nicht Gänsebraten, mit der Maus vorlieb.. ♬
an elephant with three hearts on it's back and two flowers in its trunk
Quilling Grußkarte für Hochzeit Liebe Geburtstag von Liebeabies auf
a white card with an orange fox and hearts on the front, sitting on top of a table
Gratulationskarten -
Fuchs Grußkarte für Hochzeit Proposal Geburtstag von Liebeabies auf
a guitar shaped keychain is shown on a white surface with an orange and black one
Porte-clés Natation et Guitare - Au pays de Candice
guitar and musical note keychain