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a bag with some pens and pencils in it sitting on a table next to a window
Zentangle sketchbook no.1 back
I would like to have removable pockets for essentials attached to various books with covers, tablets and covers, and notebooks. Great idea!
a red and white polka dot covered book with two birds on it's cover
'Love Birdies' removable note book cover by Love Sewing. Hand sewn with love.
six free fabric book cover templates for journal covers
6 Free Fabric Book Cover Tutorials
Tutoriais de capas de caderno, livro e diário. Notebooks and journals make great gifts for others and for yourself! And if you add a hand-made cover it makes the gift all the more special. So how many ways are there to make a fabric book cover? Quite a few apparently. Pick your favorite from these six free fabric book cover tutorials, or if you can't resist, make one of each - they're quick and easy to make.
a pink and gray flowered notebook cover sitting on top of a table next to a vase with flowers
24 Cute and Colorful Fat Quarter Projects
I’m always on the hunt for cute projects to make with fat quarters! I seem to pick them up so often when I’m out at the fabric store – it’s a little like how kids feel in those those candy aisles in the Target checkout line. I can’t walk by...
an open notebook sitting on top of a wire rack with two strips of fabric attached to it
Journal cover tutorial
Fabric Journal Cover (DIY Tutorial)
a small notebook covered in colorful fabric with a pen sticking out of the top one
a black and white polka dot bag with red pom - poms on it
How To Sew A Book Cover Tote
How To Sew A Book Cover Tote