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no tiles in the bathroom | THE STYLE FILES

In this medieval farmhouse in the French village of Perigord Nord, France, it feels like being outside the world, on an island where time does not exist.

Grande dame of the garden Patti McGee shows HGTV editor Felicia Feaster around her South Carolina walled garden, the perfect illustration of how to make shade beautiful.

Shelter plants inside in containers and then arrange them in informal groupings outdoors when the weather heats up. Charleston gardener Patti McGee has chosen a predominate color theme of jade to give a sense of harmony to her containers.

Construindo Minha Casa Clean: 10 Decorações Incríveis com Pneus Reciclados!

1 – Huge red table made from a truck tire and rope 2 – Coffee table out of a car tire 3 – Sweet bike wheel table 4 – Old car tire upcycled into a retro coffee table 5 – Colored table made from 2 car tires and glass 6 – Table from old bike rims 7 .

Retete Culinare - Bulete de cascaval - divine

Retete Culinare - Bulete de cascaval - divine