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an old photo of some women holding a sign that says dames in front of them
Dames. Why did people stop sayin DAMES
four different colored towels hanging on a wall next to a chair and potted plant
Group Of 5 Masonic Banners
Love these old masonic banners
an old wooden cabinet with lots of drawers on the front and sides, in front of a brick wall
I need on e of these in my life sooooooo badly! Antique haberdashery cabinet with 40 curved glass drawers with original handles. 3 large drawers below. origin: UK year: 1920 dimensions: width: 183cm; height: 198cm; depth: 54cm
a pink wall hanging with designs on it
Voodoo flag (large vertical) rare from Benin. Private collection but willing to discuss sale. Recommended to be appraised by Susan Volger (Yale)
a porch swing with pillows and flowers on it
Shabby porch swing.
a black cat sitting on top of a desk next to a telephone and a stuffed dog
an empty kitchen with white cabinets and yellow appliances