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an airplane is parked on the tarmac with other planes in the background and people standing around it
Aviation Photo #0032605: Aerospatiale-BAC Concorde - Air France
Winter, Kingdom, Tug, Tank, Locomotive
an aerial view of two large ships docked in the water next to each other on land
The Des Moines Class Cruiser - The Greatest Heavy Cruiser | War History Online
an image of a ship that is cut out and ready to be used as a model
Если нет изображения, а фантазия работает. - Альтернативная История
an old drawing of a steam engine with people on the front and side of it
Marine steam engine - Wikipedia
an old photo of a tug boat in the water
an old photo of a ship in the water with birds flying around it and another boat out on the water
Stringbags Versus Leviathan: Royal Navy Fairy Swordfish Attack the Mighty Bismarck
an old black and white photo of a bridge over water with boats in the water
an old photo of a ship being built
Photographing the 'Great Eastern' · V&A
Yachts, Dunkirk, Dunkirk Evacuation, Wwii, Olds