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a young man sitting on a couch playing an acoustic guitar in front of a window
a man in an apron holding up two small teddy bears and making the peace sign
two young men working in a coffee shop
a man laying on the hood of a black car with mountains in the back ground
a man sitting on top of a couch next to a piano keyboard in front of a window
a man standing in front of a piano on stage
two men and a woman looking at a candle
a man with curly hair holding a microphone in his hand and singing into the microphone
posted september 14, 2022
a man standing in front of a counter talking to another person at a coffee shop
joshua bassett
a young man wearing a tiara and looking down
june 6, 2021
a man sitting at a table with headphones on in a recording studio, while another man stands behind him
two people sitting at a table playing music on an electronic keyboard and another person holding a camera
joshua bassett