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a drawing of a man wearing a helmet
Combat Pilot by SaabGripen on DeviantArt
a black and white photo of a woman's head with wires attached to it
ArtStation - Explore
ArtStation - Fantasy • Destroy, LIGHT GYZJ
the drawing shows how to draw a dog with wheels and harnesses, as well as an animal's head
2011 Voltron Concepts
Automaton Panther by on @deviantART Steampunk, Robot Concept Art, Steampunk Animals, Robot, Robot Art, Robot Animal, Steampunk Design, Creature Design, Robots Drawing
Automaton Panther by butterfrog on DeviantArt
Automaton Panther by on @deviantART
a black and white drawing of a person holding a camera
Robot, James Daly III
ArtStation - Robot, James Daly