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a wooden desk with a lamp on it and a chair in front of the desk
20 Minimalist Desks to Help Set Up a Home Office Anywhere | Hunker
a living room with two chairs and a shelf filled with plants on the wall next to a mirror
Kimi Mirror - Sand Cognac / 800
Kimi is an understated, elegant mirror designed to move easily between spaces. It is simple to mount, with a tactile leather strap that makes an eye-catching feature. Carina Seth Andersson’s attention to detail shows through the colour-matching of the leather cord and reverse back plate – creating a striking impression when suspended within a space. Kimi combines a visually-pleasing design with straightforward practicality. MDF is matched with leather. Details Made In: Sweden Material: Leather,
four pictures of different knobs on the wall, one with a wooden handle and one without
In-teria Design - The 'O' Series Architectural Hardware
two pieces of wood sitting on top of each other
Quattro (Big O)
Designed by IN-TERIA Design & Architecture DESCRIPTION. Hand-made, surface-mounted turned timber knob or handle, custom-made to your specifications. Provided in 4 equal quarters. Available in all our main profiles ( Curvy, Big O, Doughboy, Stealth, FlapJack, and Big Kahuna). APPLICATION. Suitable for hinged doo
an armoire with different colored panels on the front and back sides, sitting against a white wall
From anthropology uk but no longer on the website
a white cabinet with wooden handles in a room
Elevate your Home with Beautiful Architectural Hardware
Elevate your Home with Beautiful Architectural Hardware
a green bench sitting next to a white wall in a room with wooden flooring
2K project
Designer:Dmitriy Sivak, Artem Trigubchak, Alexey Gulesha, Maksym IuriichukEngineer:Anna VerbychPhoto: Ivanna Gaidarzhy
two gold circles are on the side of a gray wall with black and yellow lines
Interplay Between Traditional And Modern Elements In A Residence | Prayog Design Studio - The Architects Diary
two wooden drawers sitting next to each other on top of carpeted flooring in an empty room
Wojtala Nightstands — Kirby Furniture
Wojtala Nightstands — Kirby Furniture
a living room filled with furniture and pillows
sofa giường cao cấp (giá 12trieu) Nội thât giá xuong Trần Gia