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a knitted doll laying on top of a white table cloth
Drifting on the Breeze
two gold colored flowers on a white cloth
Weeds Embroidery Collection — Katherine Diuguid Designs
a close up of a dragonfly on a piece of cloth with bead work
Dragonfly with Underside Couching
a dragonfly embroidered onto a piece of fabric
Dragonfly with Underside Couching
an elaborately decorated cabinet with stuffed animals on it
2017 - Janet Carija Brandt
Janet Brandt : 2017
an elaborately decorated chest sitting on top of a wooden table
An Amazing Casket Finish!
an embroidered design with flowers and leaves in gold thread on a piece of fabric that has been stitched together
a decorative hanging ornament with red flowers and green leaves
an embroidered dragonfly on white fabric with green stems and beads attached to it's wings
The Final Dragonfly: Simple Background, New Colors
a group of mushrooms sitting on top of a grass covered field
Account Suspended
an article about needled lace techniques
Stumpwork Embroidery - Book Review
the dragonflys and other insects are depicted on this fabric
a roll of tape sitting on top of a table next to a decorative object with flowers
Five-sided box – Janet Granger's Blog