DIY Memory Game for Kids

DIY Memory Game for Kids- cld do a dinosaur version

A way for kids to "watch" math - so that they might more easily memorize math facts.

Addition Flash Cards using Shichida Method, Heguru & Glenn Doman Theories

The Albab blog: Montessori, Doman and Shichida for Muslims -- Brillkids discount coupon: Montessori and other activities for a 9-month-old baby

Right Brain Stimulation: Image Play —

religious do a dots

Do a Dot Pages: Religious Style

Right Brain Activities - Memory Grids, Memory Linking, Etc.

Right Brain Activities for Home Practice - Part Memory Grid - - Nurture for the Future

The Bub in the Belly: Notes on Shichida - Part 7: Senses Play at Home

The Bub in the Belly: Notes on Shichida - Part Senses Play at Home

Shichida Shape and little memory game - 23month old.MOV

Shichida Flashcards Benefits on your Gifted Child - Awaken Mindset

Learn To Use Your Other Hand ~ If you're right-handed, use your left hand for daily activities (or vice-versa) like brushing your teeth and eating.  Doing such activities can drive your brain to make positive changes.   Think of millions of neurons learning new tricks as you finally establish better control of that other hand!

How To Boost Your Brainpower -- Instantly

The intersection of common goals seen in co-operative ventures, with a collective determination to reach a common objective.

Some parents' experiences with the Shichida method and early-learning education.

Early Childhood Education - Testimonials

Read the testimonials about our early childhood education program. Contact the team at Shichida Early Learning Centre & get a free introductory class!

The Bub in the Belly: Notes on Shichida - Part 10: Pre-lessons

The Bub in the Belly: Notes on Shichida - Part Pre-lessons

shichida hiyaoroshi

shichida hiyaoroshi

shichida ...too dark.

shichida ...too dark.