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7 chakras are 7 energy nodes in the body that trap the cosmic pranic energy. Hence they need chakra balancing for chakra healing through chakra meditation.

Zen. Equilibrium. Chi. Energy flows within

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Accents to Finer Living Series on Editions Terry Bradshaw.

Mirrors help redirect chi energy

Pachira aquatica [Money Tree] -- just bought this for my office.

Money Tree

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Chi energy heals

Sifu Amin Jani TK Levitation Practice

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A Reiki Attunement opens each student to channeling Reiki Energy. The ability to channel Reiki Energy is passed on from Reiki Master to Student. Chi Energy, Reiki Energy, Holistic Healing, Natural Healing, Ayurveda, Chakras, Tai Chi Qigong, Non Plus Ultra, Mudras

Chi Balls - Humanity Healing Network

Chi, or Ki, Balls can literally be defined as balls of Chi energy. For some, the use the Chi balls are one of the most valuable and helpful way to send healing and comforting energy, including empowerments and attunements. Unsurprisingly, in each manifestation the Chi energy is viewed and defined differently, but basically it is…