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original text on this pin: "Snow & Ice Cycles - Burrrr ! White is always so perfect in any medium!" ahahaha ice cycles :-D

This close-up has a high level of detail and the beauty of the subject can be seen through it. The background is completely blurred and perhaps makes the subject look more detailed.I really like this photo.

Day 33 of 365 You've gotta check every window in the house before you find that perfect frost crystal. Found this one at the bottom of one of the window.

Ice Crystals & A Snowflake by photoholic1 who says "On my dining room window - a snowflake from the storm outside looking in on the ice crystals on the inside. Taken during a snow storm here in Massachusetts."  Awesome!! =)

Fractal Snowflakes: As water vapours rises: it cools and water droplets form around nucleation sites of dust or sea salt. If the temperature continues to drop they form ice crystals.