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_*Passat*_ (from isp. Viento de pasada “wind favoring relocation, movement”) is wind blowing between the tropics all year round, in the Northern Hemisphere from the northeast, in the South from the southeast. The trade winds of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are separated from each other by the intratropical zone of convergence of the trade winds. In the oceans, trade winds blow with the greatest correctness; on the continents and on the seas adjacent to them, their direction is partly modified under the influence of local conditions. In the Indian Ocean, due to the configuration of the continental coastline, the trade winds completely change their character and turn into monsoons. Due to their constancy and strength in the era of the sailing fleet, the trade winds, along with the westerly winds, were the main factor for constructing routes for ships in communication between Europe and the New World.

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