Romania.. Been here. Beautiful Brasov. Toured entire country. . I even went to…

22 Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania Now

Catherine's Gate, Brasov, Romania. Catherine's Gate (Romanian: Poarta…

Catherine's Gate (Romanian: Poarta Ecaterinei) in Braşov, Romania, was built by the Tailors’ Guild, in 1559 for defensive purposes.

Brasov County, Romania

Autumn time by Ioan Chiriac - the view over Poiana Marului from Brasov County, Romania.

Visiting Romania - Things to do in Brasov. Surrounded by the southern Carpathian…

Visiting Romania - Things to do in Brasov

If you plan on visiting Romania, then a trip to the historic town of Brasov is a MUST. Rain or shine we discovered Brasov has something to offer everyone.

Are you planning to visit Romania? Apart from Bucharest, the region of…

Exploring Transylvania: A Week in Romania

Brasov, Romania #romania #brasov #travel

Destination of the week - Brasov, the place where Cold Mountain was filmed. Credits to Ana Malina

And Cluj-Napoca is among them, of course :) #clujnapoca #romania

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Romania

BRASOV is recognized as one of ROMANIA'S most beautiful cities. It has the vibrance & character, with a blend of natural beauty & unique culture that best captures its essence, & makes it an exciting place to visit!