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Rheea Prodan

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Rheea Prodan
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I love all you lesbians gays bisexuals or trans don't ever forget that you're amazing too Everyone deserves to live.

Equal Rights and Marriage Equality for all people!

Equality => Vacant Position => Single Exception like a Sun in ~BuddhaStan~ OR a Death in PerfectWorld ~ RanDom => nope. about Hope mb later?

Gender Equality: A Two Way Street

Gender Equality: A Two Way Street - I am so glad the "utili-kilt" has finally become main stream. I'm all for both genders wearing what they want. this is what feminism is

Gender is at *least* a spectrum, or maybe it's rainbow ribbons wrapped around a wonder of noneuclidian geometry.

People usually think of gender as sex but that's not true. Biological sex does not equal gender. I love how the LGBQTIA community explores gender as well as attrcation

LOVE IS LOVE!!! My God, I dont see the difference between being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight!

I support all love equally. Whether you're lesbian/gay/bi/straight/trans.

The beauty of being bisexual.

I believe this is referring to pansexuality, (pan = all, as in all genders/sexes) not bisexuality (bi = two, as in both men and women).

#LGBT #pride

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