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I wish I had this to do over again. I was a bad example always bad mouthing my body in front of my little girl. Now she has body issues. No matter how I always told her how lovely and beautiful she was and is.

15 Tips for Raising Kids With a Positive Body image. This is such a great article and it really got me thinking of ways I can show my kids (especially my little girl) how to have a positive body image!

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My cousin kissed a toad hoping it would turn into a prince. The look on my uncle's face haha

Funny pictures about Some useless movie facts. Oh, and cool pics about Some useless movie facts. Also, Some useless movie facts.

I wont hold back and i wont take back. Deal with it or leave!

this is totally true. Quick wit and sarcasm. I say some messed up things at times. but afterwards I usually don't feel bad about saying them because they were the truth and you need to remember them even if those words were hurtful.

Because in books You discover a new world, in real life the imagination is seen as failure.

Bók er tryggasti vinurinn -Love this inspirational book quote by Ernest Hemingway. A great quote about reading to frame for adults and for kids.

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It's exactly how they feel about you.the hatred in their voice, the harsh words spoken, the disrespect. I dont even allow someone to raise their voice to me.but then again, I never do anything wrong.