Ficar sozinho é melhor do que ficar com pessoas que ferem você

Standing alone is better than standing with people who hurt you // Plastic Memories quote

It seems loke the more you care the more you have to lose | I dont know this anime(manga) 's name

It seems like the more you care the more you have to lose. The more you have to lose the more it's going to hurt

Anime saved my life

Hahahehehe he he. I've never actually felt rejection, I'm just so afraid of it that I just kind of slid down the slide of heartlessness into the pit of emotionless people

Anime quote

Traduction FR "Le silence est le cri le plus puissant"

"I'll always be someone easily forgotten.  Someone used and thrown away.  .disposable.."

One of the Hard things in life- anime quote Mirai Nikki- Aru Akise

Yes that's the best... I always grin like an idiot when I'm in a situation like that

my thought When i see that you like on FB the ugly paintings copied from princess fan of .