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Some great, and some not so great 'golden oldies' Classic pre - 80's films & television programmes.
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an advertisement for the movie star trek starring actors from left to right person, person, person, and person
Marketing Materials
TV Series UFO 1970 | UFO Promotional Card: Here is a 104 x 147 mm UFOpromotional card ...
the dvd cover for the television series, dixon of dock green
Local man wakes from coma with ability to perform entire episode of Dixon of Dock Green
the movie voyage to the bottom of the sea with two men looking at an airplane
1964, Television: “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”
the movie pedidos no espaco
Webporium Hall of Fame
1998 - LOST IN SPACE FOREVER with Jonathan Harris, Bob May & Dick Tufeld (original image color and density adjusted). Robot Lost In Space, Will Robinson, Space Tv Shows, Santa Isabel
1998 - LOST IN SPACE FOREVER with Jonathan Harris, Bob May & Dick Tufeld (original image color and density adjusted).
two men are standing in front of a black and white spiral background with the caption's name on it
The Time Tunnel
The Time Tunnel
an old book cover with a man in a suit and tie talking on the phone
My Name is Kojak not John McClane!
two action figures are shown in the shape of batman and robin wayne, one is wearing sunglasses
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Barbara Feldon, Agent 99, Don Adams, 1960s Tv Shows, Spy Shows, Mel Brooks, Get Smart, Tv Vintage
Popular TV comedy 'Get Smart' spoofed the spies and PIs in the 1960s - Click Americana
black and white photograph of a man holding a bottle in his hand while standing at a table
Marlon Brando ~ The Wild One(1953)
'The Wild One' (1953) Hilarious ! Every redneck town needs a good motorcycle club.
a man sitting in a chair holding a paint roller and looking up at the sky
Fireball XL5 - Start & Theme Song
Fireball XL5 - Another great Supermarionation classic from Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.
a black and white photo with the words mister e d in front of a horse
Mr. Ed - Intro (Opening Theme)
Mr. Ed
an air craft is floating in the water
UFO Series Trailer
UFO (British 70's Sci-Fi series .... about life in 1980 !)
an image of a woman on stage with the words go - sharing gale gordon
Here's Lucy !
a sign that says dixon o dock green on the side of a brick wall
Dixon Of Dock Green Theme Tune
Dixon of Dock Green (1955 - 1976) The original theme tune.