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Kitchen Table Stamper shares how to make a book style treat box with Stampin' Up! Painted Lavender | Stampin' Up! US Demonstrator Marisa Alvarez shares how to make a book style treat box. Don't miss the matching Painted... | By Kitchen Table Stamper | Are you excited for another Facebook Live? I've got one that I promised today. You guys have maybe seen this box. If you haven't, I'll link you to another version but I did promise I'd be back with this painted lavender version of our book style treat box. Looks like Facebook is auto generating the captions. That's a good thing. How about YouTube? How are we doing YouTube? Hello, everybody. Happy Friday. Alright, I'll give you a minute to find me. I'm going to find me on another device I promised you a video project sheet for this treat box here. We've done this box before. We did it with the citrus bloom. So, I'll show you that version and I'll link em together so you can find both versions of this box. But for now, I'm just here to fulfill my promise to bring you this beautiful treat box. Alright, look at that. I found me On the Facebook. Hey, Jan. Alright, let's see if I can find me on the YouTubes and then we'll get started. Okay, so this is our box for today. It's a little book-style box that holds two of these Gellier, Geller, dark chocolate candy bars. I found them at Costco but I found them when they were already like the, you know, the dreaded Costco star with the ending price of point ninety-seven. So, I don't know if you'll still be able to find them. But this is what it is so you can look. Um I don't know if Mercy candy bars would fit in this one. Those little bars. But this is what we're using. And I found it at Costco. Alright so if it's two of these bars it was one of our challenges I do believe. And the Craft Social. So I I do think that we have some samples from other crafters because it was one of our challenges. So I'll check that out. Now if that's the case too then maybe I'll link up to that. Alright. How's everybody doing? Can you hear me clear? Can you see me clear? Leave me some get me some comments rolling if everything's looking and sounding good. Hey, Mimi. I see you. Oh, let's see here. See, Jen. Alright. Jen says, hello, my friend. Happy Friday, everyone. Tony says hello, my friend shared. Thank you for sharing you guys. Hey, Anne. Happy Friday. And it says, happy Friday crafty friends. I love how you guys all greet each other. So, friendly. It's because of the Craft Social. I know it is. Hey, Peggy. Alright, can you guys hear me while I'm clear? I am going to make this little box for you and let me show you. So, it's a little book-style treat box When you open it up, It just ties to close. We did this really cool belly band. Um styled the edges with the modern oval punch to give us this nice round and closes up with a little bit of ribbon and inside are these little gellar chalk candy bars. This is dark chocolate coffee. I didn't go by flavor. I went by wrapper color obviously, right? Alright, so that's what we're going to be making today and this is the one that we made previously when I showed you guys this one. Made with the citrus blooms. I promised that I'd come back and do the painted lavender one with you. So, those are the two. I'll link this one up here. Uh as soon as we're done. I should have thought about doing that when I was doing the description but I didn't. Maybe Desi can link it over from the blog. She's here again today. Alright, you guys. Um let's see. I want to just do a quick little bit of housekeeping. This is our treat box for today And there is a matching card class. There's also a matching PDF card class for Citrus Blooms. So, if you love these projects and you want to keep on going in this style, go check out our PDF store. So, kitchen table Stamper. com slash shop and then you just click on the right-hand menu. There's a little drop down on the right-hand side. Click PDF store and you'll find that there is a growing store full of PDF card classes with content that you don't find anywhere else, not on the Email list, that has its own exclusive content. Not on the blog, nowhere. These are just PDF classes that we put together for you. They're nine ninety-five and a fantastic way to support the channel say maybe you're your own Stampin' Up Demonstrator, you're already joined and you order from yourself, you are a loyal customer to another demonstrator. Um you don't live in the US but you still want to support the channel and the crafting that I do. Our PDF store is a great way to do that and there is a matching painted lavender stamp a stack card class. Link is in the description if you want to check it out. It is a Wonder card class which if you don't know what that is, that's our one sheet wonder cutting diagrams. It's a wonder recipe one card class and that's included right there in the PDF along with all the supplies that I used. Full color photos, measurements, step-by-step written instructions, and a beautiful PDF document that you can either store on your computer or your tablet device or you can print my I print my PDF classes. It's three designs made from the Wonder Recipe number one and if you don't know about the Wonder Recipes, the more papers that you cut. So, the more sheets of six by six designers you use paper that you cut, the more card you produce from those pieces. So, it is meant to be multiplied. It's got three new designs and here's a little peek at the cards that you will make if you take the painted lavender PDF card class. Alright. So, that is my PDF Store. Check it out. If you love this project, this project is going to have a printable project sheet. So, separate from the PDF for the card class and that one will be free the blog. You'll see in the description below project details and then coming soon once we get the blog post done later today, that coming soon will turn into a link and you'll be able to go to the blog post and click on the little button that says today's project sheet and download the project sheet for this one absolutely free, alright? So, this is our project today. Hey, Carol. I'm glad you're here. Hi, Cathy. Alright. So, it seems like everybody's hearing me a little loud and clear on the YouTubes. How's the Facebook doing. Let's look at that before we start crafting. Ah there you go. You guys are leaving me comments. Awesome. Thank you. So please keep the comments coming. If you've got reactions, do those reactions. Interact with each other, tag each other, share, tag your friends, if you're not subscribed to the channel or following the Facebook page, please do those things. It's a very simple way that you can help the channel and teach the social media platforms that what we are doing is engaging, alright? So, keep those things coming. Um to those of you who shared, thank you. It really is one of the highest compliments that you can pay me. Besides spending your time with me, sharing is one of the highest compliments that you can pay me. Alright, so let me start with the box here. In case you guys did not see the citrus blooms one. The box is actually made using the citrus blooms dies. So, I'm going to show you guys is. This is the dye that is going to be the base of our box. I love this. The citrus blooms bundle can be purchased stamps and dies together. You save 10% if you buy both. If you don't love the citrus blooms stamps. What I'd like to encourage you to do is think about the dice outside the bundle. Right? We like to think outside the bundle here don't we? If you know what I mean. Say you know what I we're going to think outside the bundle for just a minute here. We've taken the dye. We've paired it up with a stamp set that tried and true that we've had in our collection for a while, the painted lavender and turned the dye into a treat box but with or without the oranges, this layer, it's a perfect card front layer is going to come in handy and it can be made a treat box, right? Then, you can add this dye to the inside of that if you want to and then you're going to get a label that is cut out and has a cutout window with leaves all around it. So, then, the other way you can use this is take away this dye, the one that we're going to use for the box and add this to your card front. Run your card front through. Then, you have a peek-a-boo card front because this one does not cut out the shape. It will leave the leaves attached to the card front and just cut a window in your card. So, you get two great uses. Cut out in a label shape or as a peek-a-boo window, right? These leaves can be a backdrop to any floral stamp set that you have. They also are kind of a little bit jungley. So, think about jungle pails and rhino ready. This is just a really great pieces that stand on their own. Now, let's quickly look at the rest of the die set. There are the dies for the oranges. These work with the designer series paper. So, if you wanted to get the designer Sherry's paper instead of the stamp set so that you can make some more use of these specific dies. That's a good way to do that but they are the only two dies that don't stand by themselves without an image. The rest of the die sets has got gorgeous foliage, and flow of all different sizes that will make excellent paper embellishments and this, my friends, is beautiful wingman material, right? When you want to freshen up a stamp set that you've had for a long time like maybe the Rhino ready, you want to add some different foliage or one that you got for free like jungle pails. This is going to be an amazing die set. So, think about this one outside the bundle, okay? So, yes, you can bundle it with the citrus blooms if you love it. There is a PDF Card Class for the Citrus Blooms. So, if you do decide to grab the bundle, pick up the card class. It's not they're not very expensive but they are very thorough and very creative and so if anybody is a fan of the Kitchen Table Stamper PDF Card Classes, please give your, give your testimony in the comments. Let people know that you love these card classes. Um so, if you need some inspiration to get kickstarted with Citrus Blooms Bundle. There is a PDF card class. Um there is also free on the blog. The Citrus Blooms box that matches. or that is I don't know same box as this one. Matches the PDF. So think about it as a bundle. Do you love the bundle? Then save the 10%. But if the citrus bloom isn't doing it for you with or without inspiration from me feel free. Not to be adults. This is a really good die set, okay? So, now that I've shown you that and I'm going to get started with how to turn this big die cut into a box-style treat or a book-style treat box, okay? Jen says, the card classes are awesome. I love them. Thank you. Um and Desi did drop in the comments a link to the Citrus Blooms Tree Box. You can grab the free printable project sheet for that one there too. Alright, Cathy. Happy Friday, everybody. Hi, Nancy. I'm glad you're here. Nancy says, just made it to lunch with my friends. Oh, it's Friday. I forgot all about that. Have so much fun, you guys. All the Friday lunch crew. So, Sonia, thank you for sharing. Truly, thank you from the bottom of everything I am. We're really hoping to see the YouTube channel grow to 15, 000 subscribers. Um in the next 6 months and we're looking to see our Facebook followers grow too and so we'll share those goals with you as we are looking forward to the rest of the year but that's something that you can help us with when you share. So, thank you. Alright, let's see here. I need some bubble bath cardstock. I don't seem to have any comments showing up on my second device in YouTube. So, let me just peek over. Desi, are you on YouTube also or just on Facebook? Both. Uh yeah, my device is not registering comments on YouTube. I am not ignoring you, YouTube. I love you guys. Let me catch up over there and then we'll get started. Hey, Bonnie. Uh thank you for the thumbs up and shares. I love those and so does YouTube and Theresa says, hello. Happy Friday, everyone. Happy Friday to you too, Theresa. And Blue Jaws. Hey, Jen. Have you ever tried making your own journals Hm. I've not really tried too many journals. Many scrapbooks and stuff. Um Peggy McDermott, I agree about the card classes. They're great with the big red heart. Thank you for your testimonies you guys that have gotten our PDF card classes. They're very popular. They sell well but sometimes I wonder if somebody who's never seen one might need a little bit of a testimony from somebody other than me. Cuz if you ask me, I think my card classes are awesome but thank you for the testimony of those who have have actually purchased them and love them. We we appreciate it. Alright. So, I'm going to get some bubble bath cardstock and my template and the template picture will be in the free printable project sheet. So, you don't have to scramble for the measurements. It's the same one as the citrus blooms that Desi just shared. I'm starting with five and a quarter by four and a quarter bubble bath and this is our template. I'm going to get my Simply Score tool and we're going to score all around on this piece. Let's see here. Okay. So, you guys know that usually about halfway through the video, I'm kind of complaining about the big mess I made and how I can't find anything. I've already got a big mess going on today. Alright, everything that I just showed you, I layered on top of my Simply Score Tool. I had to unbury it. Unbury it? Yeah, unbury it. Would be what I did and sort of get it back. I had to unbury it. Alright, well Let's see here. We're going to score all four sides at five and one eighth and four and one quarter And I do like to do, did I say five and one eighth? Five eighths. Oh my gosh. Look at the template. Look at the project sheet. Sometimes the words that come out of my mouth are not exactly what I mean. That's why we do all this for you by the way. Alright. So, five eighths and one and one quarter and I like to do it all the way around instead of doing five eights, one and one quarter and then coming over here and doing four and four and five eights because if this is not exactly five and a quarter, then, this side could end up five eights and this side could end up eating the slap a little bit too big or a little bit too small and then you end up with a box that's kind of trapezoid shape like it's a little it's like the right on one side and then little tall on the other side or it's the right size on one side, the five eights and it's a little short on the other side because your cardstock is off a fraction of an inch, okay? So, I always, I can measure that. I can math but the thing is, if you've got it in against the rail and you go five eights and one in a quarter, when you rotate and go five eights and one in a quarter, it is five eights and one and a quarter from a rail and not whatever's left over on the side. Does that make sense? Is that clear as mud? I do like to explain that once in a while because sometimes I have people ask, why do you rotate it all the way around instead of just do your two score lines, move down, and do two more score lines and that is the reason why because it just gives you a tighter, more square, nicer, finished project. Alright, so we've done that all the way. Now, let's get a bone folder and some paper snips. Work it and trim and let's go Oh. You guys, I've made a mess not just on the desk but the binders are everywhere because I pulled out my PDF printouts and I almost ran it over with the chair. That's why I need maybe I do need a behind the scenes camera that that shows what's going on and it looks and sounds so orderly. but the mess is anywhere. You guys messy, messy crafters. Do you, do you make piles all around you while you're crafting? Or do you put things away as you go? Alright, I'm just going to work these both ways and then trim them down We're going to make it look like this. The printable project sheet has this picture in it for you and all of the measurements. Plus, step-by-step instructions, full-colored pictures. We really try to put out a resource that we're proud of that is going to be something of value to you that you'll be able to hold onto and do again and again like today, we're doing it with the painted lavender Um I don't know. I'd say it's a couple of months ago now we did it with the citrus blooms. But we want to give you a resource so that you can just keep on going with this and you can use it again and again. Alright so I am two scores from the right. And I cut down two scores. And then I'm going to cut a little bit of an angle to remove the scoreline here. And then I'm going to move back to the right one score. I'm going to cut a little bit an angle and then remove these two squares. Then, we're going to cut off the little trapezoid we made here and that's our corner. We're just going to repeat that. All the way around the box. Now, how I like to do it is just flip over and over end and do the same thing from the right of the box. Go to scores. Go straight down. Make that angle cut. And so it's very much like a a rinse and repeat thing. In the right sides, top and bottom and then, what I'll do is move to the left side. So, now, I'm on the left side of the box, two score lines from the left and then, I'll do that same thing, cut straight, cut that angle, cut the angle, and cut off. Then, remove the little trapezoid. Okay, then, I flip the box and over end 180 degrees and do the left side. It's just make sense to me and then it can kind of autopilot it. If I'm doing the both right sides then both left sides. Alright. So, we've got our little box template. Now, it's a double wall box. So, it'll be a nice and sturdy because it's book style. So, it's going to sit flat here. It's going to be pushed down to close and tie up and we want a nice, sturdy, double wall box. It's going to make this little tray right here and if you find any other die sets, that work to cover this because you can apply the same idea to any big dies that you have, then, sharing the Craft Social what you find, okay? Get some tearing tape and put this together. And We're going to put our tearing tape on the squares here. So these are our little side glue tabs. I'm going to get my take your pick tool. Remove the liner. Bonnie says I'm a little OCD. I need to put things away. That's what I need. I need to get me a little OCD then because I had not put things away. What happens to me is I get to the point where I cannot function anymore. And then I go to bed. No Yes, for sure. You should show us the mess. Oh, it's it's it's glorious especially. Right now, it's not too bad because again, let it get to the point where I can't function and then I'm like, alright, that's it. Clear the decks and have to like reset everything. So, I let it get crazy and then reset everything. Alright, so we got our little square tabs. Let's bring up the sides of the box to make those tabs. Now, here if you want to, before you bring up the squares, you can do the long abs, put the glue on the other side but I wanted to show you how it works because on the outside of the box, you're going to put the glue on the tabs but on the inside of the box, see how this has now become the inside of the box. The adhesive goes on these long tabs. So, let's go ahead and add some adhesive on all four of these long tabs. Now, the nice part about this is once you got the adhesive on, they're going to fold into the box which means these tabs the and that is like the engineering. That is like the structural part of the box. It's not the pretty part of the box, right? It holds it together but these tabs are going to cover that. So, you'll have a nice, smooth inner box with double-strong walls. Which is nice because it's got a hold up to this. You know what I'm saying? Guys, picking up what I'm putting down. Who says, who just heard Phoebe Sig leather rinse, repeat? Oh my gosh, it's so funny, miss. I'll pick up a chicken outside and I'll and I'll you know kind of smell it and sometimes they smell like feathers and sunshine and it's so awesome and sometimes they don't and so I'll be like smelly bird smelly bird. What are they feeding you? Anyway, it's another Phoebe song. Mika says, hello all popping in while having a quick lunch. Oh, I'm so happy to see you. I was just thinking about you the other day. Think I was running team reports and we're talking about like different training and different things. We're we're doing everything different around here. And as I saw your name pop up, I'm like, I need to reach out and see how you're doing. Uh we need we need to talk my friend. Catch up and have a good lunch. I'll keep you company. Alright, this is inside adhesive. Now, we'll just fold it in and cover those tabs which makes it nice and tidy. I always like when we can hide those tabs if we can. I've gotten on a kick about that a couple of years ago. Um if you can hide those little tabs, you get a nicer box. Alright, there is the inside walls of our treat. This is something simple that you could try with all kinds of different large dies from your collection and if any other dies fit to fold around this little treat box. Kitchen table Stamper Craft Social is your place to come and report back to us. It's Facebook. com slash groups slash KitchenTable Stamper Craft Social. Link is in the description. It is our social place and it is awesome. If you are a member of the community and you love the community, pipe up and say something because it really is. It's a great place and we hope you'll come and join us. Alright. Now, I've also gone ahead already and then cut my dye using the bubble bath cardstock. This is that great big label from Citrus Dice. If you join us late or the Citrus Blooms dies. If you joined us late, maybe take a look at the beginning of the video because we did talk about why this die set is valuable. In fact, worth its weight in gold. Even without the citrus blooms stamps. So, think out the bundle. You don't always have to get bundled. I know Stampin ' Up loves it when we do but you don't always have to get bundled. So, this dye is an awesome card front layer and we are going to turn it into this beautiful box if you're just joining us, okay? So, let's go ahead and put some texture on this. Oh, we want to score it and then put some texture on it. Hang on. Um where did I put my Simply Scorchful? Uh here we go. Project sheet. Project sheet. Alright. So, we're going to add this guy into our Simply Score on the long edge and then, we're going to score Uh let's get that in there. I think it's two and a quarter on each side. Desi is looking at the project sheet so I don't tell you the wrong number. Elaine says, don't forget to like. Elaine, I love you. You're hired. Like, subscribe, follow. If you're on Facebook, you guys, I can't even tell you how much that means to me. It's a very simple thing that really does boost. It boosts the youtube YouTube and Facebook algorithms. They know that we've got interesting content as long as you guys keep those interactions coming. Thank you, Elaine. You make my day. Nica says, I'd love to up. We have to. I want to know what's going on. Okay. So, Angelique says happy Friday. Happy Friday my friend. I'm glad you're here. Angelique's going to catch the replay. Catch the replay and there will be a free printable project sheet for this project on the blog later today. Alright. This back to my scoring. Two and a quarter. So we landed in on the long side. We're going to score at two and a quarter. We're going to flip and score at two and a quarter. And then we're going to put some texture on this. I've got my eyelet embossing folder. It's a 3D guy. So, I've also got my number four plate and get my stamping and emboss machine here. Oh, don't mind my stamping hat and emboss machine. It's a mess. Oh, My plates are old. There's mint tape stuck all over the secure the dies but you know what? That's what it is around here. It's really a working studio. We do a lot of of stuff. Alright, this my YouTube being crazy again? You guys, I am so sorry my YouTube friends. My device is not showing your comments but I will pop in on the computer once in a while and catch up on them, okay? Let's see. We're going to put this little guy in and give it a crank. Add some texture but I'm also making sure that it's running because it's got a very strong vertical horizontal pattern. I'm making sure that it's running nice and level. Get this one. I put that Evelyn says hello from Germany. Hello. I'm glad you're here. Thanks for joining us. Melanie says I did join late but I'll watch the beginning and just check it out if you especially if you own the citrus blooms dies because they give some really great suggestions of you know what what kind of ways you can use it out of the citrus stamp sets that it'll pair with and just show each of the pieces because it is far more than just oranges. Um it's this little treat box. Alright, so we're going to fold this little guy carefully. I'm not even going to use my bone folder because I don't want to flatten out my embossed design. So, I'm just going to fold it inside out and then right side in and I always do inside out and then right side in so that if my paper cracks, it cracks inside or if it stretches and looks kind of like the fiber shell, then that's on the inside of the box. Alright, where did I put my box? Speaking of, there it is. Let's go ahead and glue that inside. I'm going to use some tearing tape. You can use some liquid glue here too. Glue gives a little bit time to slide and aim the box for the center but then you also have to kind of hold it, let it grab, and wait for a minute. I'm not good at holding and waiting and those are things that I don't do well. My friend Jackie doesn't do those well either. She's not here though. She's not watching today. Alright, there's the tearing tape. It'll have a quick grab. No holding, waiting. Anybody else? Anybody else not good at holding and waiting? I like the sly though because my eyes aren't on center and so, I do like that with the liquid glue, you can slide it. If you don't have it lined exactly. We're going to line it up so that it's against the second score line. One, two, and so that the corners do not peek out past the dye. So, you want to get it centered top to bottom but then, all the way to the left against that score line. When you got it where you like it, then, you can put it down and as long as you don't really burn a down hard. Even with the tearing tape, you can adjust a little bit. You saw I lifted it and moved it Then we'll burnish it down and now, that's it. This is the basic idea And you can do all kinds of things with this little box. Both of my boxes run this way, right? So, you open it but this box could very cute be decorated this way too. Alright, so keep that in mind. I have not flipped it. My two are both in like the portrait orientation that I've done. But I think you'll see this box again. Especially with fall and Christmas treats coming up. Um you can absolutely do this so that the box is in this orientation. And when you do the belly band it would go this way. And then the bow would tie at top. You guys pick em up what I'm putting down. Lori says hello from sunny, cool Ohio. Oh hello. We've got the same weather going on and it is so welcomed. I am really enjoying it. In fact, I went out for a good breath of fresh air and to see my little chickens before I went live and thought about absounding because it's so beautiful out. Um let's see. I need some glue, liquid glue and I need some measurements here. I got the measurements but you'll have them on the project sheet. The belly band is one and five eights by seven and an eighth and then these two pieces are some scrap pieces. I don't want the orange to show. So, when I open this box because of the strong lavender theme, I don't want the orange. So, we just took a couple of little scrap pieces here. One five eights by two and we're going to just we're going to cover up the peach pie for this instance. Now, this one, I really didn't mind the different paper. So, I did not do this. If you saw me make this box, I didn't double up the paper because I don't mind when it opens and you see the lemons. Okay. So, I didn't I didn't do that on this one. It depends. If you're designer series paper has two patterns that and colors that you like for your project, you don't have to do this little part right here. But I'm going to take a little bit of glue and I'm just going to double this up and you don't need like to double the strip either. That'll just make it bulky. Really just need to hide the ends that are going to show when you open the box. You don't want to make it bulky here because that's gotta wrap around your box. And you don't want that double thickness where you have to fold. Alright. So this is how I solved the problem of peach pie in my lavender box. Hugg says I wish we had cooler weather. Another hundred plus week ahead of us in Northern California. Oh, that's so exhausting whether that hot is so exhausting. Oh, man. We, I don't know. I think it's I don't know. I can't tell what the temperature is on my computer because my computer is not telling me the temperature right now. It's telling me high UV. So, I guess wear your sunglasses. Don't wear your wear your rash guard if you're at the beach. I don't know. High UV is all I got. I don't know what the temperature is right now but the temperature is beautiful Nancy says, you all are very chatty on YouTube today. Oh, look at that. I see some of the comments right now. I'm only in and out on comments because they just sometimes are showing up and sometimes they're not. Hey, Lori. I'm glad you're here. Alright, so we've got the Citrus blooms large label. We talked about using it in kind of a completely different way how this die set is not need to be purchased with the citrus blooms stampset unless you love the citrus blooms stampset. If you put them together, you save 10%. If you don't love this one, this die set's still pretty awesome. We're going to use it completely different, right? Now, we're going to use this modern oval, completely different. This is a fantastic shape for putting sentiments on your card, maybe some small images to cut and like out of all the different designers here's paper or cardstock and then like it. You can do that with it like as a punch that's this is an amazing tool but what I like about this one is if you use this one and five eights inch width, you can use this to make a decorative edge. Remember when we used to have all those nice little decorative edges that you could punch like the tag topper punches. I miss those but sometimes our labels and other shapes can be used in the same manner. So, what we're going to do is we're going to load this from the back. Of the punch and I find that it's easier to load if I start with the corner like up at the top or down at the bottom and then load it in by twisting it. Do you see that? So, you're loading it in from the back and then, you're going to back it up because you only want to take the very end off and then, you're going to punch and now you got a nice, round, styled end on your strip. So, whether you're using it like I am like a belly band or you're using it as a designer series paper strip across a card and then you add some little ribbon there. This is not just that label punch. So, I'm going to again expand how you see your tools. This is going to be so fantastic, meant for the purpose that it was designed to punch a modern oval size. It coordinates with that celebration, watercolor melon stamp set but now, think of it outside outside the box. A bit crafty and you can use it as an end Uh you know, to do a decorative end and so we're going to do the same thing with the other side. Just pop this guy in. Again, I'll put one of the corners either the top corner or the bottom corner in first and then, slide it and rotate it. Now, it's in there. What I'll make sure I do is back out all the way to the edge when I can see the end of the paper. Do you see that little dark I'll just push it back in a little bit so that we get an actual curve but we don't take much of the length off the strip And now we've got like a big band-aid is what Jackie would call that. And we just now the modern oval punch cost half as much, right? Like when you can use it for two different things, then you can divide the cost by two and your price, your your punch cost half as much, right? And then isn't that Crafters Math? By the modern oval, get that a decorative end for free. I think that's how that works. So, we got our belly band and now, we're going to wrap this round a tree box. You want to be very careful to line this up as you're doing this. You don't want to let these get out of alignment. If you want to, you can do this step first where you just crease your belly band in case you lose lose your ends because you do want these to line up. They don't look kind of crazy if one is longer than the other. So, just do this step carefully. Wrap and then once got it wrapped and you hold your your thing in place then you can kind of pinch the back along the folds. We got one side nice. We'll turn it over. Make sure everything stays aligned. And then pinch the back along the fold. If you want to, you can do that step before you cut the decorative ends because then you can cut off any slot like if one side was a little bit longer, then, you just cut a little bit deeper. Good. Point is you do the decorative ends first or you do the creases first. These need to line up in the end for a clean closure. Closure. Just as I love this punch. And Tony says it's Marisa math, right? So it's Marissa Math. I love Marisa Math. So you buy the Modern Oval, you get the decorative end for free Or you buy the Citrus Blooms Dies, you get the box die for free, right? It's when you find more uses for the supplies that you already purchased. It is more value. However, you math that. Alright, let's go ahead and adhere the band to the box and you can do liquid glue here or you can do tearing tape. I I don't know. I should probably grab tearing tape but because then I have to hold and wait but I already have this one in my hand so that's what we're going to do. Let's get this on and centered. Don't go too far with your glue because your belly band goes past the edge of the base of the box. Alright, I'm going to let that grab for a second. I want to pop over. Let's see. Nancy says, hello, Desi. Glad to see you're helping your mom again. Did you see that, Des? Yeah, I saw. Is that the most recent comment or am I getting left behind again? Oh, that's the most recent. Okay, good. Well, that's good that this device is doing the comments. Alright, let's go ahead with our phone folder now and from the inside of the box, just gently. We don't want to flatten out that embossed pattern but make sure that that grabs. Okay, so see where this is going now? We got the beautiful book style box No peach pie inside. Unless you wanted it and now, we're going to punch some holes so we can tie up with linen thread. I've got a one eighth inch circle punch here and that's sufficient to do this. So, we're going to hold it together. Go in about a quarter of an inch. Try to get it centered. My eyes aren't done centered. So, I'm just doing the best I can. And there is our tabs. Now, you can see. So, this box is clearly this way but we had a different stamp image. We could do this way with a little bow at the top to close it. So, there's definitely some flexibility there. I haven't done it the other direction yet but fall and Christmas is coming so maybe we'll try this box one more time with a with a holiday spin and turn it to the landscape, orientation. Alright, I'm going to close up my box with some ribbon now. Oh, what am I even doing? Old habits die hard, right? I got my fun little flossers over here. I'm going to use em. At least I think I got my fun little flossers over here. And they're not really called flossers and if you search for flossers on the Amazon, you'll be like me and you'll be able to find them. So, we're going to this is a floss threader. There's a couple of different brands. These come in. Um they're for flossing around like dental appliances, retainers, and stuff. So, I'm going to do to make my life easy. Put the ribbon through the flosser. Put the flosser through a whole flosser through the whole and then and that's all done and I didn't have to try to stuff this wide ribbon through that little hole. These are a gem. Alright. Now, close this guy up with a big loopy bow because what is a treat box without a big loopy bow? I think gifts should all have big loopy ribbon bows. And I like to do it right on the spool because then there's no waste. We're going to finish our bow and give it a little finesse. Grab some scissors. to have ribbon scissors here. Hey, Des. I don't have my ribbon scissors. Do you know where they're at? I can't even attempt to cut this off without, thank you. If I tried my paper, scissors, we'd be here all day with them just bouncing off the ribbon. Alright, so we cut it away from the spool. We clean up the little fray on that end and that's it. Did you see no waste? Just the fluff that we cut off the frayed end. There's our tree box. Now, we gotta do some stamping with the painted lavender. I love this. Set. I did not touch the set when it came out in the last catalog and the suite with the designer series paper. I just never got around to it. So, we're going to do it in the in colors. We've got, let's do this one. It's closed. There we go. Chances, I love Craft ers Math. It justifies everything I buy, right? It sure does. The more you learn, the better value you got, the less your supplies cost, right? Alright, I've got my stamp and pierce mat because painted lavender is photo polymer. It is not available in a bundle anymore. Let me show you. Maybe you got this one when it came out too. If you got this one and it's just sitting on a shelf and you're just joining us, there is a PDF card class that matches this project. So, if you need some inspiration to keep on going, grab the free project sheet off of the blog later for the box and then, pick up the card class and get some ink on your painted lavender stampset. Alright, so you gotta do the painted lavender and the painted lavender dies separate now but it is carried over into the new catalog. Got some basic white cardstock. It was sitting on top of my dice. So, all my dies are taped to it. And ink for this project is Petunia Pop. And then we're going to use Petunia Pops Buddy. Pet Pop's buddy is Barry Burst. These guys, if you haven't seen me would use this color combination before, these guys look exactly the same when they're wet. You can hardly even tell. It scared me at first. Well, I'll show you when we're doing the lavender layers. It's going to look like we just stamped one, the same color over itself but they dry so different. It's really kind of a cool combination. Our next one is the summer spla in color and it's buddy. It's monochromatic buddy Um Pretty Peacock. Uh let's start with our lavender. We're going to use the Petunia Pop For the base of this. And so I got this big bushy lavender bouquet and we're going to stamp that one. Then because I'm going off the edge, let me grab my paper here. I want to protect my stamp and pierce mat because we're going to go off the edge with this little guy. It's like the detailed piece from the sprig. So, we're going to go with the berry burst which is a little bit darker and we're going to kind of line that up to stamp some details And you're going to hardly be able to tell that those are different colors but when it dries, you're going to get some really nice depth. You see the background is lighter and little bit more purple and these details are a little bit more pink and a little bit darker. So, really and if it scares you at first when you first stamp over, did I get the wrong ink pad? I thought I had gotten. I thought I had inked the wrong or aimed for the wrong ink pad, you know what I mean? But it's not. It just is very very close when they're wet. And then I'm going to do each of the sprigs with this. Little detail It just adds like depth. Something you know pretty to look at Depth. To it. Uh oh. Missed a little spot. It rocked me stamp. Let's see if I can. Fix it. Hm. I don't know if I fixed it. Alright, we'll see. When I cut it out, how it looks. Now, we're going to do the stems with the summer splash. And We're going to do the butterflies with Pretty Peacock. And then we're going to die cut these. Hey, Desi. Yeah? Would you die cut these for me while I stamp my sentiment? Okay, I'm going to give em to Desi to die cut because we're going to stamp a sentiment. Um we're going to die cut them using the painted lavender but when we run the images with the dice, we're going to do our images but we're also going to do this one. This is two like floweries rigs and we're going to cut those from the white too. Good. Then I don't have to haul that machine in and back out. I'll just do the sentiment. I don't know where I put the flower dye. It's on there. I got the stem. I got everything. Okay. Here we go. Oh. I need this part back. Okay. All of it. Awesome. No, I shouldn't run your stamping gears. No, you have to the machine. No. I think it'll get stuck. Maybe that's a new technique. I just don't know it yet. Alright, this is for our sentiments, little banner, die cut here and I did this one with the stylish shapes. So, it's the short, wide banner. Basically, cardstock and I've got Hello Friend, my Hello Friend is from Country Birdhouse stamp set. Let's do that guy. I'm going to, oh, did you see that? Turn around. Stamp side down. Okay, free tip for everybody watching today. Are you ready? Um the ink is better applied to the stamp when you approach with the stamp side down. Did you guys see me almost ink the back of the block? Oh dear, that would have been a first. Alright. Hello, friend. All the way to the right. I will clean up these ink pads. We'll finish our assembling. Let's see. Tony says, I love that chatting with Marissa. I can't wait to come and visit again. I know, me too. It'll be so much fun, friend. Um Angelique says the painted lavender was my absolute favorite suite when it came out because of all the purple DSP. Oh, you and Jackie Anderson are good friends. Jackie's favorite is the purple too and purple is actually a hard one for me to work with. So, I think that that's kind of why I loved it. But it got put to the back burner a little bit because purple's a hard color for me. Um hello friend is going to get rolled up just a little bit at the end. Make sure you wait until it's dry to do this but I like the little curve and it kind of lifts at the end of the banner. So, we got that guy and we're going to bring in our stamping blends. Now, I have the light and dark summer splash, light and dark petunia pop. I think I'm just using the dark summer. Splash today. We'll see how that looks. Now, Oh, that it says at Angelique. Every time mom asks me what card needs, I always suggest some purple. As a joke, she always shakes her head at me. I don't know why. You know it's my my challenge. My purple is my challenge. I'm embracing it today though. Look at my all my pretty petunia pop. Alright, I'm going to start with my blends, my summer splash and I'm going to do the brush end. I don't always do the brush end Uh but for this technique, it's really nice because you can just take that brush and and color these little cutouts. Now, I think I'm cutting off most of the stem. So, I just did a quick swipe. I don't think, I don't think any of it's going to show. I do think that it's like here that we start. We're going to start seeing the stems. We're going to color the stem in between. We'll see when I put it on there and this little nub at the end here where the stem light keeps on going. I'm cutting that off because I don't understand it. We're going to do the same thing. Just swipe the stem in between each of the flowers with the summer splash and you're going to see these white die cuts just really come to life. They really are such a fun thing to add to your craft. I'm going to start with the light petunia pop but I'm going to have the dark petunia pop all ready to go. And then I'm going to do my light petunia pop and fill in a few flowers at a time. Maybe two, maybe three depending because then I'm going to the dark and I'm just going to swipe along the bottom edge of the flower. And if you want to, you can just keep going and blend that in a little bit before you do the next flour, two, or three depending on how fast you work because you do want the ink to be wet so that it blends when you go along the bottom edge and add a little shadow. See? And we'll just finish this up the same way. Uh I always forget the little bit of stem. On this one, between this bigger bloom right here and this littler bloom right here. So, I'm going to have to go back and grab that with a little bit of splash but along the bottom edge And then the end of it here and add a little bit of shadow. So now, what was just a plain white die cut now has some shadow and some depth. It's multicolor and it's just really beautiful element to add to your card. Alright, we're going to do this guy the same way. Did I just do the dark? Yes. Jeez. She's in crackers. That's alright. I'll just push it back with the light. The nice thing about the stamping blends is the alcohol just will keep flowing and it'll push that dark mistake to the back and now that it's lightened up a little bit, I'll go ahead and add some shadows at the bottom. Edge You guys ever done this technique? Taking the white die cut and used your stamping blends to add multi color and dimension like this. Other way that you can achieve some effects kind of like this is by watercoloring your paper and then cutting out Use the dye to cut out the flowers and you'll get a really cool artistic kind of element that you can add to a card. Alright. So, there is a little element. I gotta go back and grab the little pieces stem here that I missed. Let's get this out of here so you don't have the confusion of my scratch paper. There's some sneak peeks on there of what's coming up. What I've been working on. Alright. This guy here has this little like where it looks like the stem just keeps on going past the flower. I don't like it. Bugs me. So I'm going to cut it off And then I'm going to bring in my my bits here. Alright. Gotta get these bits on this box and then we'll be all done. Mm hmm. That it's off the white paper though I can see that I didn't quite get to the edge of this one. There. Desi says, do you guys have a challenge color? My mom's challenge color is purple. Dazzy doesn't like using neutrals. Yeah, Desi likes all the colors but not the neutrals. Um neutrals are the last color I grab even though they're pretty useful. They are pretty useful. Good conversation starter. There it does. Alright, what what color is hard for you to work with? Very good. Very good question. Alright, let me know what color is a challenge for you. We've to add our flowers and things because we're dealing with a box. We're going to double dimensional. I'm going to get some dimensionals and some liquid glue. I love dimensionals because you can just, you know, the sky is the limit. You can just keep stacking. So, I'm going to stack on my lavender but I'm going to keep it kind of close to the base here. I don't want to go off the edge of the box and then, for my stems, what I'm going to do is grab my fine point, my little liquid glue here and I'm going to glue this to the banner. Just a little bit where I know it's going to overlap. And then, I'm going to put a little bit of glue at the very bottom of my lavender and pop that under the stems. Now before I let that grab, I'm just going to make sure that I like my placements. This one I want to go a little bit straighter. Alright, now I'm going to grab some dimensionals here. And add them along the bottom of my or along the banner where the two pieces attach and on the stems. Now, before we get this on the card, I want to grab my sprigs and we want to kind of audition them. I don't want them to go too far off the box. I don't want them to get man handled and I want the one a little bit shorter than the other. Okay. That's about how I like it I think. So what I'm going to do as just tuck it down where I want it with a little bit of dimensional that holds both. Doesn't have to hold it hard. Just needs to keep it kind of where you want it. I missed a little bit of stem there. I don't know if it's going to show. So, let's touch that. Now, we can remove the liner here And add our lavender arrange our little sprigs a bit. And like I said most of the stems are going to get cut off here. I don't want them to show at the bottom. I think they're kind of they kind of confuse the design. So we're going to give those stems a little haircut. And I'm going to add another dimensional here at the bottom of my stems but I can see now that it's not going to go off the edge of the box Alright, then, I'll take some liquid glue and just lift. I'm going to add a little liquid glue here and on a banner about where we started to curve it because I wanted to grab that belly band but not all the way to the end because I want that curve. I just want it to be nice and secure. Uh belly band is kind of tight on this one. So, I'm going to add a little more dimensional instead. On this one, I added some liquid glue but then still comes up but on this one, I'm going to just add a couple extra dimensionals because it seems to lift. See, as this slopes down toward the ribbon, you might need a little liquid glue to hold on your banner. You might need a little dimensional. There is Uh so, that's our first layer of dimensionals. With our flower and our lavender. So, let's get our butterflies on and they're going to get our second layer of dimensionals. I like the double pop. The double pop is good. Alright, I haven't inked any oh, I haven't inked any of them up. What haven't you inked up, Britney? Um I have to go up the thing. Anne says, neutrals are also my challenge. Definitely lean towards a lot of color. You and Desi are in the same boat. That's how Desi dresses herself too. Lots and lots of color. It's really cute Um let's see. Britney says, I'm a little late. The in colors that are leaving in May, I've struggled with. Oh gosh, right? Um they have are definitely along that neutrals line too. They're they are they're struggle. Girl, I feel your pain. Pretty soon, I haven't eaten any of them up. That's what you're talking about is those in colors. Maybe that needs to be one of our challenges. Hey, thanks for the inspiration, Brittany. Kitchen, table, Stamper, Craft Social. You guys are going to have a wild wheat, moody mauve, boho blue, pebbled path, copper clay Challenge coming soon. I'm sure Brittany, you're not the only one who struggled with those. They're needed and like their color gaps. We don't have them in the in the color families, the 4D core colors but boy, they're definitely on that neutral spectrum. Cathy says purple is my color challenge too. I don't know why it's hard for me to work with because I do love it. Orange. I have a little bit of trouble with orange too. Cathy says, pink is a challenge for me. Interesting. Pink and purple, huh? Maybe we need to put them together like I did. Um let's see here. Um Desi says, Violet dubbed me the crazy art teacher style and it's stuck. That's for sure. We do say Desi's Desi dresses like a crazy art teacher. Alright, I'm going to add some of these in color shimmer gems to finish this project up. We are almost done you guys. Thanks for joining me today for sticking with me for engaging in our conversation with your challenge color. Um let's see. Brittany says I like boho blue and the mauve. That's like a a curse for a challenge. Um I will tell you that that poor moody mauve has gotten a nickname around here. There's some people who I won't mention that call it moldy mauve. It's a challenge. It's a challenge. It depends on what you put it with. So Mary says, I'm with you, Marissa. Purple is definitely my challenge. I have so many friends that I that love the color. So, I do try to force myself to use it on their cards. That's good for you. That'll grow you creatively, Mary. Um Angela says purples are easy peasy for me. Huh. See? I am surprised how many people have said that purple is a challenge color for them too. Orange and green are a challenge color for me. Particularly Shy Shamrock. Well, you're going to love working with Shy Shamrock with the In Color Club this month. We have got some really really beautiful cards and some great color combinations and this month in the in color club, we're featuring the Chi Shamrock on our August 1st Craft with Me Zoom and we use the Color Buddies book and for the previous ones, we've chosen one color combination and featured it from the In Color Buddies book but this month, we're going to use multiple of the Shy Shamrock color combination. So, it'll be a really fun in color club. A little bit different and it'll help you with your challenge color. It doesn't help that there's no shy shamrock in the designer series papers. I don't know if you notice that. Um maybe says, what sentiments are used for the painted lavender PDF card class Country Birdhouse and we did hoping you have the best day ever and we did Hello Friend from there. So, those are the ones that I used. Of course, you can substitute something that's about that size in the PDF card class. And you can also substitute the flowers for different flowers and the PDF card class if you don't have the Painted Lavender but you love the style of this box and the the matching card class. Alright, good question. Um Angelie says painted lavender. Oh, I got that one because of all the purples. Alright, you guys. Let's see here. Theresa says, share the link with my friend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That is like the best compliment you can pay me. It's not too late to share the video. If you think somebody would like the content, do you know crafters that like to make treat boxes? Do you know crafters that need a lesson on Marisa Math? If you do, share them, share the live. Um come and join us in the Craft Social. Let me know if you make this treat box. We had a challenge for this one previously. So, maybe I'll bump that post. I want to see your treat boxes. Um yeah. Theresa's beautiful box. Thank you. If you missed the Simply or the Simply. the The Citrus Blooms version. That one's already out on the blog. But when I did this one I promised you guys I would bring you this one. So you can check out this project sheet. It's linked in the comments. We'll get it linked in the description. This one will be live for you later tonight. And if you're interested in the matching card classes for either Citrus Blooms. If you're having trouble creatively with that one. Or the PDF card class for Painted Lavender. We do have matching card classes for these projects. Alright, you guys. Thank you for spending some time with me. I hope that you have a fantastic and crafty weekend. If there's anything I can do to help you stay crafty, you can Email Marisa at com. To shop Stampin ' Up twenty-four seven, you can buzz over to Marissa Alvarez dot Stampin ' Up. net. If you're looking for our PDF card classes, Kitchen Table Stamper. com slash shop and then just use the filter on the right-hand menu to go to the PDF store. We've got lots of card classes and we're adding to those every month. Alright. that's it you guys. Enjoy the weekend. I am going to go out for a quick breath of air and check on my chicken girls. We had a little bit of trouble. Um we had an egg-bound hen and of course, it's my favorite hen but she passed the egg and she's doing pretty good. I'm going to go check on her before I get this blog post done but it will be added up there for you shortly at com. Alright. Have a great weekend everybody. I'll see you guys next Thursday for a challenge, Craft Along Challenge and next Friday for another fun adventure and crafting. I don't know what it's going to be yet. That's okay. I've got all week to figure it out. I'll see you guys next week. Bye, guys.
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