ROcata ( on youtube)

ROcata ( on youtube)

ROcata ( on youtube)
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Let's draw Blue_Spooki speed drawing

Let's draw Blue_Spooki speed drawing

Brutus the loyal guardian of Shiky Brutus being just a little higher intelligence than a dog execute all commands without question (beca.

the necromantic parasite called krol devour the souls mostly of other monsters but occasionally of humans and use the corpses to provide a ho.

Jac the plant model 1

look what can I do with my mobile, i impress myself little by little master lee (for mobile)

armour of the dark water sage

shadow a humanoid made entirely of well shadows, a old oc reimagined and redrawd Name: Shadow Specie: phantom Hair: Black Eyes: glow.

master lee a old master of multiple fighting style and acquainted with sword (katana) and lance (weapons familiar to him), now just a spirit i.