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Paper clouds #DIY

DIY: paper cloud mobile (with free printable template).Nx, Best DIY Projects, DIY: paper cloud mobile (with free printable template).

paper house scene

Kanelikauppa: leikki I have no idea what any of the tags say, but it takes me to a printable page for Gigi to color and cut-out!

i do love me some recyclable lessons!

Sculpture Elephant Made from Recycled Plastic Bottle and Bottle Tops. This is a really clever idea for getting your kids interested in crafting and to start a conversation about recycling too! See more pictures from --- for all kids related activities

zig zag houses 3-d paper

Zig Zag Paper Houses - Kids can make a whole paper village, then uses toy cars to drive through it! These look like they would also make great Fathers Day cards too! / lilla a:design