-- I have a lot of grey clothing (several pairs of casual summer shorts, sweaters, long and short-sleeve t-shirts). I was always wary of going grey all-over, but mixing materials/textures seems to work.

I can respect a guy who properly wears Converse with a stylish yet simple outfit. Just cut the head off and insert my hubby please!

The shawl collar cardigan is a versatile item that can dress up a casual outfit. Enjoy our collection of shawl collar cardigan inspiration.

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When I say go lighter, not necessarily brighter, this is what I mean. These salmon color shorts aren’t overly flashy, but add a pop of color to your summer outfit. They’re a little tight, but other than that these are some awesome summer/spring.

- alexander skarsgard -

alexander skarsgard in a sharp black tuxedo with bow tie and polka dot pocket square. Sharp look.

Yep, Jude Law sure knows how to wear a scarf. Also, props for wearing a beanie…

Retro vintage couples engagement shoot styling old school wedding photography ideas inspiration


Diegel Spring-Summer 2012 Menswear Arthur Kulkov contrasting suit jacket and chinos