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New York City - Sunset

New York City Sunset: Catch a stunningly beautiful sunset from a rooftop in Long Island City, Queens. The view includes the Queensboro Bridge and the full skyline of midtown Manhattan.

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Awes he is adorable =)

XX-Small Happily Ever After Dog Tuxedo, Small Dog Tuxedo, Overnight Delivery :: This would be awsome to get Bruce for special events like my bro's wedding (I don't think he'd be able to make it to mine) and if/when John and I get our chug.

Baby, R, Hi, Good Morning!! I was so tired last night; I slept so early...How are you, my baby? I love you so much...You're my every thought! Yes, I did imagine you're holding me closely & tightly; please, never let me go. I love you so much! Gosh, I'm running out of words - I love you so much, R, from the bottom of my heart! Have a great day, Baby! It's New Year's Eve! Happy New Year! Have a good one; I love you.

It is so true I never experienced such emotional connections as I have with you I love you baby❤️