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What is it about garden rooms that is so universally appealing? We're getting excited just thinking about the prospect of a seclude little spot somewhere, like this stable conversion in Kenya, that is wooden eco garden room with a green roof.

BUNK HOUSE: This wooden 'eco' garden room from Westbury Garden Rooms. The cedar-clad room is free-standing with a grass roof. Insulated and equipped with both heating and lighting.

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Shipping Container Home with pool. I love the dark sleek contrast to the bright neutrals on the inside.

Casa Santa Maria is a minimalist house located in Santa MarĂ­a, Chile, designed by Etcheberrigaray + Matuschka. The residence is located on an agricultural forming plot with various fruit trees planted around the perimeter.

Glass and Steel, 20th century best friends. This elegantly converted shipping container can be used outdoors (or indoors, if you have the space!) as an office, kitchen, lounge - anything you like. Easily insulate with polyurethane sheets. Cut away steel to fit large glass windows and doors.

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Shipping Container House by Cubular, New Zealand

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