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a wooden pergola sitting on top of a white tiled floor next to a building
61+ Pergola Plan Designs & Ideas [Free] - MyMyDIY | Inspiring DIY Projects
Pergola terminada! El detalle que le faltaba a este proyecto! @proyectoenmadera #pergola #madera #galeria #diseño #carpinteria #arquitectura #paisajismo #diseñoenmadera #diseñodeexteriores #casa #proyecto #proyectoenmadera #wood #wooddesign #allwood #woodworking #great
the inside of a house being built with wooden beams and wood flooring on top of it
Woox Pinturas | Soluciones para todo tipo de Industria.
#Mantenimiento para techos de madera.
the roof is being built for this chicken coop
Proceso de montaje del Orquideario (La estructura de madera y la cubierta de policarbonato)
Puestos los cimientos el siguiente paso es empezar el montaje de la estructura de madera tratada contra la humedad, hongos e insectos. Se e...
a wooden structure is being built in the middle of some grass and trees on a sunny day
Scissor trusses over the courtyard
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a close up of a wooden structure in the woods
Timber Frame Garden Structure
timber frame garden structure, outdoor living, woodworking projects, Detail view of the jointwork on the structure The posts and beams are 8 x8 solid cedar timbers
an overhead view of a building being built in the middle of a field with cars parked nearby
Réalisations maison ossature bois, Tradition Construction Bois
Réalisations maison ossature bois, Tradition Construction Bois ...
several pieces of wood laying on top of each other
Extension d'une habitation - détail des bois. Pose effectuée au millimètre !
the side of a building with wooden slats on it
Bardage claire-voie en thermopin sur une extension de cabinet médical #bardagebois | Bardage claire voie, Bardage maison, Bardage bois extérieur
Bardage claire-voie en thermopin sur une extension de cabinet médical #bardagebois:
a piece of wood that has been cut in half
the inside of a wooden structure with wood slats attached to it's sides
Pavé autobloquant vente matériaux de construction Nancy Metz Epinal
Les ouvertures d’âmes Autre avantage incontestable de la poutre Norjoist®, son âme centrale en OSB possède des marquages pré-poinçonnés pour réaliser facilement et au bon endroit les passages des câbles électriques, des conduites ou des gaines de ventilation.
a large building being constructed with wooden beams
Best Interior Wood Doors
S’abonner Boston Carpentry LLC Stick Framing and Prefabricated Framing| Multiunit Structures | New Homes | Additions | Remodel| Windows| Doors
the roof trusses are being installed on this house
many tires are stacked on top of each other
tijolos de concreto
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several wooden posts are lined up in a garage
Glulam Beams
Glulam Beams, Glulam Frames, Glulam Colunms, Glued laminated timber, Glenfort Timber Engineering, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Swimming pools, roof trusses
an image of a metal stand with two legs and four holes on each side, showing measurements
about post and beams and stone foundations
Also, a knife plate/stand-off combination is even better. It insures a strong hold-down connection to the foundation. It's basically, a tongue of metal perpendicular to a plate which is embedded into the concrete. The tongue has a hole(s) drilled in it. The column gets routed to accommodate the tongue, and - very tricky - a hole is drilled perpendicular to the slit and after assembly is through-bolted.