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16th century ottoman kaftan back fragment

Fragment of a kaftan back, Ottoman period (ca. century Turkey, probably Istanbul Silk, metal–wrapped thread;

Saluki--->Is this not one of the prettiest dogs you have ever seen?! I want one so baddddd!!!!!!

Saluki--->Is this not one of the prettiest dogs you have ever seen? I want one so baddddd!

Saluki puppy, Silver Grizzle color.  We had Salukis when I was a kid, and our first one was a silver grizzle we named "Bandit".

I worship Salukis. I wanted one from childhood and finally got my saluki x greyhound (better than a purebred in my opinion) at He didn't disappoint.

30 Funny animal captions - part 13 (30 pics), animal pictures with captions, funny memes

Hilarious animal pictures with captions are always very funny and great for a laugh. You will defiantly enjoy this hilarious animal image collection.

High elf helmet

its my new Warhammer high elf helmet (its new cos I just finished it, not because I have another one XD) Again its actually a steel helmet but the steel is invisible so thats why its in leat.

Now thats a cool helmet

Ceremonial Helmet of Emperor Charles V. This helmet was crafted by Desiderius Helmschmid and is now in the collections of the Patrimonio Nacional, Real Armería, Madrid.