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a large knife sitting on top of a table next to sliced carrots and potatoes
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Shun Bob Kramer Chef’s Knife, 6" | Sur La Table
a large knife that is on top of a white surface with black and silver designs
Shun Knives
Beautiful piece.
a knife and some other items sitting on a table next to each other with a coin in front of it
PRO photos!!! Meteorite damascus gyuto.
Damascus chef's knife (gyuto) made with meteorite by HHH Knives. For the man/gal that has every terrestrial thing, Randy makes some awesome stuff! ~~ I need these
a large knife sitting on top of a wooden block next to a string tied around it
bloodrootblades - Kitchen Knives - Chef
a large knife sitting on top of a wooden table
bloodrootblades - Kitchen Knives - Chef
a knife and some mushrooms on a cutting board with a knife sharpener next to it
Shun Fuji 6" Chef's Knife » Petagadget
Shun Fuji 6″ Chef’s Knife
a knife in a wooden box with a wood handle and sheathed blade sticking out of it
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
several different types of knives sitting on top of a bamboo mat next to each other
TC Blades Japanese knife
a knife is laying on top of a table
At the cutting edge
The best - Japanese chef's knife.
several knives are lined up next to each other on a black surface with green beans
The gorgeous Miyabi collection of knives from knife giant Zwilling JA Henckels are Made in Seki, Japan and designed by superstar chef Rokusaburo Michiba and one of his disciples, Masaharu Morimoto. On the wishlist.
a knife is laying on the table next to some sushi and chopsticks
I love discovering cool new stuff on! Check out my invitation to start your haute hunting.
Nesting knives from Touch of Modern. The proportions are determined by the Fibonacci sequence.
raw meat with knife on cutting board next to pepper
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Hand-forged Chef Knife by Lotar Knives