Maiko Gubler - bust green

Maiko Gubler — Visual Arts - Imagery & Sculpture The Oracle Key Visuals for Fork Unstable Media, 2011

Maiko Gubler - cuddle party

Maiko Gubler is a German visual artist specializing in digital art and sculpture.

Maiko Gubler - bust blue

actegratuit: “ MongrelNation The oracle - key visuals ”

Maiko Gubler - pointy circle

Maiko Gubler — Visual Arts - Imagery & Sculpture - series of wearable objects - gradient bangles

Maiko Gubler - kadewe intro

A new generation of designers and imagemakers are wholeheartedly embracing the creative possibilities of the digital world and rebelling with "ugliness.

Maiko Gubler - design cylinder

Maiko Gubler / About Making Architecture / Editorial Illustrations for Dom Publishers

Maiko Gubler - design blob

MongrelNation — Imagery & Creative Conception - ‘About Making Architecture’ — Illustration