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an underwater scene with water splashing from the bottom and stars in the sky above
Original Mobile Wallpaper by Sakimori #1729545 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
Sakimori/#1729545 - Zerochan
the night sky is filled with stars above mountains and trees, as seen from an empty road
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shooting stars are my favorite
a small white dog standing on top of a wooden table next to a blue building
sleepy pup
Pup by marjorie
a white dog with his paws up and the caption says hey everyone tgif
The Taste of Sunshine
Arrrrr come at me, ill smother you with kisses!
a drawing of a woman's face with yellow patches on her eyes and nose
Fotos Para Portadas - 9.
#wattpad #de-todo ¡Hola! Aquí con este libro para ayudarlos con las fotos para sus portadas. Las fotos no son mías, son obtenidas del internet. No es necesario dar créditos, lo único que pido es que cuando hagan una portada con alguna foto de aquí me la envíen por Twitter para ver cómo les quedó. Por aquí les de...
a black and white drawing of a woman with her eyes closed next to a pen
Here's the finished portrait! She is still available for $75, email me This was just done with a Pentel brush pen in a mixed media sketchbook. Thank you all so very much for your well wishes for my kitty. Still not sure what is going on which is frustrating. He may have had a stroke which is causing him to walk sideways/fall over. Luckily he is in no pain, just a little confused . If the worst does happen, he has had 15 amazing years
a husky dog laying on the floor next to a window sill looking at something
How adorable! A Siberian Husky puppy! None for me, unfortunately, since I live…
many hot air balloons are flying in the sky
CAPPADOCIA Landscapes: by K ▲ T I A ● MI on Steller
K ▲ T I A ● MI's (@katia_mi) Story on Steller
someone is holding a spoon full of tiny seashells in their left hand, with the caption instagram
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The cutest tiniest most perfect little shells ever - so colorful too!
a person is touching the nose of a horse
Luna & Hazel
cinderellas-stilettos: “Écuries d’Écaussinnes | Source | Via ”
a small white kitten sitting on top of a window sill looking out the window
ColorPoint kitten and window
so adorable!!
the back of a woman's shoulder with butterflies and a person holding a kite
mandala borboleta tatuagem
mandala borboleta tatuagem - Pesquisa Google
an owl with big eyes sitting on a branch
I don't even know why, just cute as shit
a drawing of a tree with pink flowers on it
Application Techniques Of Tattoos
With an anatomical heart at the bottom instead of a skull
a pencil drawing of trees and plants in the middle of a circle with arrows on it
Compass Tattoo Design series part 1 WIP by Salix-Tree on DeviantArt
Compass Tattoo Design series part 1 WIP by Salix-Tree