Sin of Gluttony

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a creepy looking creature holding a knife in his hand and kneeling down on the ground
Crazy Art - ЯПлакалъ
an image of a creature with horns and claws
Wendigo, Wu Chun-Yi
an artistic painting of a demon with horns and large, long - horned eyes
an image of a creature with many hair on it's head and hands in the air
Wendigo, Lisa Steinberg
an illustration of a demon standing in the water
Wendigo - DnD Ranger design , Valentina Govedarica
ArtStation - Wendigo - DnD Ranger design
an image of a demonic creature with horns
Féolith Monster Art
Concept art for the what is commonly called a wendigo, but in the Tauverald Series is known as a Féolith, which is translated in two parts as “flesh” and “to eat.”
Dragons, Character Art, Fantasy Character Design, Dnd
Rat King, Alexander Shatohin
a man standing in the middle of a forest next to a demon
Campfire Friends, Matthew Dobrich
ArtStation - Campfire Friends, Matthew Dobrich
a demonic looking creature standing in the middle of a forest with large horns on it's head
an alien creature with large teeth and fangs
Fiend, Michael Vincent Eppinette
an image of a creature in the woods with horns and claws on its back,
an alien creature is shown in black and white