Homemade, Natural, Luxury SCRUBS + LOTION
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Oatmilk Body Lotion | Poepa Soap

Oatmilk Body Lotion | Poepa Soap

Toasted Cranberry Lotion Bar | Poepa Soap

'Toasted Cranberry' is a captivating combination of fresh cranberries and cinnamon. This best seller is made with real cranberry seeds for that extra special touch. How To Use: Rub bar on skin.

Figs & Guava Scrub | Poepa Soap

LARGE JAR Figs & Guava is the epitome of a summer island fragrance.

Lavender Essential Oil Lotion Tube | Poepa Soap

This lotion tube contains pure lavender essential oil - a favorite around the world Use: rub on dry skin.

Apple [Argan Oil Lotion] | Poepa Soap

Be the apple of EVERYONE'S eye when the smell this sweet apple fragrance and admire your skin that has been fed with luxurious argan oil.

Peach [Argan Oil Lotion] | Poepa Soap

Peach [Argan Oil Lotion] | Poepa Soap