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the different types of boats are shown in this diagram
UI Pack for iOS – Build Apps. Awesomely!
an orange and white info board with the words mellow teddy on it's side
Mood Selector --- #menu #concept #container #original --- #Webdesign #UI #Web
a blue background with white buttons and arrows on the left hand side, which are pointing to different directions
#Web #menu with a paper unwrap effect 83oranges.com
a web page with the search button highlighted in red, green and white colors on it
Rertro Navigation Menu
two glass buttons with icons on them
Web Design Menu Template Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 104662619 | Shutterstock
Web Design Menu Template Stock Vector 104662619 : Shutterstock
an image of the inside of a work community website
Pipeline Project!
two buttons with the words product and backoff
Glass menu slider
an image of the settings menu in windows 7
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the buttons are clearly visible for this user's ability to select what they want
Clean Cut Menu
a computer keyboard with a red ribbon on it's left side and the words company above
Retro Navigation Menu