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Allegory of The Transience of Life, 1480-1490 Engraving with hand color made by Master IAM of Zwolle, Netherlands.

allegory of the transience of life Master IAM of Zwolle, Netherland, (c.) (engraving with hand colour) source: escape into life

Abdul Alhazred

Abdul Alhazred the Mad Arab who wrote the Kitab al-Azif or as it is known now, the Necronomicon. Digital enhancement of pen and ink Alhazred

northernvikinggirl: “ loresseintes: “ “The dance of the Sabbath”, illustration from the Dictionnaire Infernal by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy (1818) ” Sabbath is soon!! ”

vulturehooligan: Jaques Augstine Simon’s representation of a devil’s frog kicking habit is seen clearly in this illustration from the Dictionarie Infernal,